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Buldozer D11 New

The model can be booked in the form of mounting KIT (not painted) or as RTR (ready to use).

The RTR (ready to use) obviously implies a surcharge to be agreed depending on the required configuration.

Reservations are subject to our acceptance.

The reservation and exchange procedures necessary for its completion is completely confidential and personal.

The reservation will have priority on the purchase of the model and in fact gives the certainty of its availability at the end of the period of delivery.

The reservation implies the payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the final agreed cost. In this phase establishes the term of delivery and assigned the model serial number (buyer's protection data is shown on the reason for payment). The balance is carried out prior to delivery and at the same time an invoice is issued.

Once we have completed the reservation list for each session of production we reserve the right to open a subsequent waiting list for those who later asks for the product to be realized but not immediately between the designated.

The agreed final cost will not be changed upon until the date of delivery unless faced with tax changes.

In the case of rethinking the customer undertakes to send written notice within 3 days of booking. In case the deposit will be returned, minus the expense within 3 days.


The production takes place in a very limited number of models.

For organizational reasons, will start the construction phase only for numbers of some units. Anything to keep the quality craftsmanship and the elitist character of the product.

The machine planning characterized by groups of components allows the future owner the widest and versatile choice of the final configuration of the model.

Each model is built and assembled by hand by us so every future owner, in the booking phase, may require changes to its functional and aesthetic taste and liking. Any additional requests for further customization after booking will be agreed upon and evaluated.

Each model is numbered and certified by both manufacturers partners and each part is carefully examined by the same proprietors before being delivered.

We reserve the right to make any modifications to the product being operates exclusively in order to improve the quality.

Provides instructions for mounting and direct assistance for the operation and maintenance through our online KIT page exclusively reserved to the owners where prospects are visible, photographic and video sequences useful for this purpose.

Faced with a mounting and/or proper use of the model will offer lifetime warranty for all parts of our production, excluding parts subject to normal wear and tear. For parts supplied by third parties it is understood that value the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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