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Buldozer D11 New

Designed to be assembled in kit form, following a complex and accurate design, have been taken into primary consideration all possible craft primary technologies to allow a good and ease assembly and to limit to a minimum the number of parts with solders.

Into a reproduction of this kind, the major difficulty of construction are inherent in both traction and rolling applications but also in the various covers and in the complex structure of the hydraulic system. It has peculiar forms that provide great aesthetic impact on the whole of the model.

Of course, being a model thought to be extremely realistic, nothing was left out. However, in addition to the look that I wished to be at the top, I also wanted to be able to design my model to work hard on is natural environment, the earth, where it is known, only the best models survive for long periods. It's very difficult to see the craft models used in this way, a bit for fear of ruining them given the high price, but mostly because often their subtlety makes them sensitive also in operation.

I wanted to do everything possible to achieve a model completely in aluminium, steel, bronze and brass, absolutely realistic and complete with everything, but compatible in the operation and scale (1:14 .5) with the best industrial models.

Crawler Bulldozer scale 1:14.5.

-Made from aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass.

-Bronze belt chain with tempered steel pins.

-Plates made of high-strength aluminium machined from full metal.

-Our hydraulic production.

-Working pressure of 17-25 bar.

-Faulhaber motors and gearboxes

-Length (with tools): app. 800 mm

-Track: app. 210 mm

-Height: app. 230 mm

-Blade width: app. 460 mm

-Operating weight without tools: app. 22 kg

-Operating weight with tools: app. 30 kg

Components not included in the base kit

-Radio Control

-Electronic controllers


Accessories on request (availability late 2014)

-Full front blade

-Adjustable blade stabilizer with rigid piping

-Hydraulic Set for tilt of the blade

-Ripper mono blade with hydraulic

-Hydraulic Pin Puller Set

-ROPS (rolling out protection system)

-Oil cooler with electric fan

-Rock hunting grid

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